Kids these days..

28 Nov


I would want to have babies like these. They are just so amazing. I’m a frustrated musician, seeing this kind of talent puts me in awe.


I’m Lost

1 Nov


I’m all alone again. He went back to Korea yesterday. I feel really bad because I’m still waiting for his reply now. I don’t know if he is sleeping right now or drinking with his friends. I don’t know so I can’t sleep. I can’t do anything. I tried watching horror flicks but nothing scared the sadness out of me.. He fulfilled my semestral break. Now, he’s gone.. I’m all alone again.


Sweet tooth!

3 Sep


There are those sweet little gestures that girls can’t resist blushing to. Today, I told a story to my boyfriend. I told him that one of the kids I’m taking care of in my immersion in Laguna gave me a teddy bear chocolate. Then I told him that he had never given me flowers, chocolates and teddy bears before. I just told that to him because those are like the usual couple and courting gifts. I just wondered why I haven’t received things like that from him. Anyway, to cut the story short. Hihi. He went to the supermarket alone to buy tissue because he told me his stomach hurts but when he came back. He brought drinks and chocolates. Hihi. He saw me take pictures of these treats. He said these were very cheap chocolates so I don’t have to post it in my blog but in my mind, it’s the thought that counts. Hihi. ❤

Three Extremes

9 Aug




Three Extremes

Score: 2.5 out of 5

This movie is just weird. I think there are far way more movies better than this. I think a lot of the horror movie fans disagree but I think they just like it because it’s a piece from a certain director that they fave. This three-part movie is just from understandable to unexplainable. There were times it was enticing and there were times it was boring. The writer’s of this film were very creative and abstract. I hope they explain these films someday.

So here goes the three part movie:


In the chinese movie entitled “Dumplings”, a woman in her 40’s or 50’s wanted to be younger. She eats these special dumplings made by a sort of witch doctor living in an old apartment. The dumplings made her younger day by the day so that your radiance and beauty won’t fade away. The gruesome part is that… It’s made out of… You watch it. 🙂



The second movie is a Korean directed film entitled “Cut”, a director and his wife are abducted by a movie extra. The extra envies the director because he’s such a good guy and his life is so perfect while the extra is a drunkard who beats his wife and child. The extra wanted to corrupt the director by making him do silly things or bursting out his bad deeds or else his wife’s fingers will be chopped off. This part was sort of a comedy/psychological film. There were some dancing and silly things. Although, the twist is the ending. If you understood the ending, please send me a message.


The third movie is a Japanese directed film entitled “Box”, it was very confusing. At first, you think you understood it but in the end, you’ll be all confused. There’s this twin sisters named Kyoko and Shoko, they played in a small show wherein they went inside a box and they’d magically disappear. Anyway, Shoko died inside the box while rehearsing because Kyoko locked her in and accidentally pushed the heater towards the box. Kyoko envied Shoko for all the merits she receives from the magician like the necklace and they sleep together.. Also another part of the movie is that, Kyoko is a writer in a blue dress. Another part is that, she always wakes up from a dream that’s she’s in a plastic bag inside the box and is being buried by the magician. Hmmm. Lastly, the weird part is that the ending is that they are conjoined twins. Talk about weird. Do you still want me to continue?





Daily Motion:

CUT 1/3:

CUT 2/3:

CUT 3/3:


Ladda Land

8 Aug

Ladda Land

Score: 2 out of 5

Ladda Land is a Thai Horror movie based on a true story. This is just very tragic. It really isn’t a horror movie, I think so because it was just really sad. The father just wanted to please everyone. He just really picked the wrong village. He used all his money to make his mother-in-law proud of him instead of criticizing him. He just wanted to grow closer with his family by providing this wonderful home. All was just wasted because of his crazy neighbors killing themselves and haunting houses. It was like the grudge, it’s just that, the people went crazy and ended up killing themselves.. This was just sad. The horror parts of the film didn’t have a connection with the family either.. Its just that their children were somewhat lured there all the time. This movie just made me sad.. I know its based from a true story but the imagination of the writer of this film is very limited. The connections are just lost.

If you want to watch the film, here’s the torrent (the subtitle of this film sucks but it’s understandable somehow):

Line Brush by Naver

8 Aug

I started using line brush since last week. I’ve been practicing mg drawing skills using my finger. It’s really hard. Haha! It takes a lot of practice! Line brush is great because it’s not limited. There’s no in-app purchases and advertisements scattering around the canvas plus you can use it with other applications.


I have here my sample drawing: (forgive me, I know I’m an amateur or even lower than that)


Here’s a preview of “LINE BRUSH” by Naver:








Dreams: Death of a Parent

8 Aug

Before I slept my boyfriend told me that he will save money and bring me somewhere far away if I really wanted to get out of this house. In my dream, my boyfriend was in a sort of coma then my mother was dead. It happened in two different stories. Anyway, me and my boyfriend were in the airplane that crashed so I woke up in the hospital bed with blood on my forehead. My boyfriend’s bed was parallel to me. His face was all bandaged and he was sort of in a coma. My second dream was I went out to a camping trip with my classmates then after the trip before going home, the instructor gave us papers that were telling us that our parents died. Me and my brother rushed to go somewhere but halfway we met our parents then I don’t know the place but my mom told me to promise her that I will take up my master’s degree at this certain school I’m planning to enroll to. My father casually said that I’d be with my college friend Camille. I kissed my mom and it was just her face is cold then I knew she was dead. My heart hurt and I cried and cried in my dream. In my mind, was the saying, “be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.” then I was finding my mom afterwards. She was gone. I also saw how my dad was with my mom. My mom was with her all the time after my mom died in my dream. It was like she wanted to meet us first before she goes away. I still looked for my mom while that was in my head. I asked her how about the business (me and my mom run a bag business together) but I couldn’t find her anymore. Then I woke up. Feeling really sorry because me and my father had a fight last night. I feel really bad. I just had to let this out.

I wanted to know what my dreams meant so, I googled for certain keywords and somehow I can relate to these interpretations I saw.

Death of a Parent:

Some teenagers dream of their parents dying as they start to become independent. This is a form of killing of dependent feelings about their parents as a means of growth. This happens in some relationships too, where we want to break with the person.

Frequently, as in the example, this might express desire to be free of them, or unexpressed aggression. Perhaps your love for or connection with that person has ‘died’. We often ‘kill’ our parents in dreams as we move toward independence. Or we may want someone ‘out of the way’ so we do not have to compete for attention and love.

When someone we know dies lots of things happen to us. First of all we have always thought of the person as being outside of us. Then suddenly they are gone from the outside world, and we either think of them as gone forever never to be seen again; or we do what dreams often do and find them inside of us. In this way we can discover a new relationship with them, either because they now communicate with us as a dead person, or we receive from them what they left in us.


Blood on the forehead:

To dream that you bumped or injured your forehead implies that you have made a poor judgment. It also indicates regret in something you did.


A Comatose Loved One:

If you are in a coma it could suggest that events or hurts in your life have caused you to withdraw or be largely incapable of interacting with other people and events. It can also portray a situation in which you have become unconscious or unaware of what is going on around you and have turned inwards.

But in most cases this is probably depicting a part of you hurt at some time and it closed down. For instance if you have been deeply hurt emotionally in a relationship, you may still go on being capable of relating at a certain level, but the part of you that enters deeply into sexual and emotional relationships may have closed down, as in a coma.

Dreaming about this usually means you have become more aware of the situation and there is an opportunity to heal and awaken that facet of yourself.

If somebody else is in a coma, this might still be about what is described above, but it can also show you relating to the person in a non-verbal, heart to heart manner. Sometimes this is shown in dreams where you feel out of contact with someone you love or care for. In such cases the dream is showing that it is only the surface level of communication that is missing.


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