Asian Parents.

31 May

They are not just your parents. These rants are based on my opinion, general or specific, no comment..

1. If  you get a high grade, you get a price.

2. If you get a low grade, they will take your priced possessions.

3. You can’t take the course you want.

4. The only courses you can take in college are those in the medical, law or something with a high salary field.

5. They will pick your school.

6. You are just their children.

7. You can’t go out all the time or they will question you and call your school if what you are doing is legit.

8. They control you because they pay for your food, shelter, clothing, education and many more bills.

9. After reaching the legal age, you’re still not allowed to do anything.

10. You can’t date people below their standards physically.

11 You can’t date another race because in history they raped girls, killed people, bombed something, blah. blah. blah.

12. You can’t have a boyfriend until you graduate college.

13. After college, you still can’t have a boyfriend until you have a good job.

14. They will manipulate you until you’re 40+ years old.

15. You can’t answer back even if they said so.

16. If you answer back even if they said so, you can’t still answer back.

17. You can marry any guy as long as he has money, cars, a big company and a mansion.

18. When you do something wrong, they will tell you “WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE….”.

19. Anything besides studying is a waste of time.

20. You need to follow the same things that your successful relative did.


3 Responses to “Asian Parents.”

  1. hyeonsung June 9, 2012 at 9:22 PM #

    your are so right! I love my parents to bits but damn…I always kind of feel guilty for not being a better daughter

    • chescakes June 9, 2012 at 9:36 PM #

      Haha! I know right. I love them but sometimes they’re too overprotective, you just want to break free!

  2. anonymous visitors coming by August 9, 2015 at 10:33 PM #

    these twenty points that you mentioned are so legit! I know they love me, but its just too tough to live as a Asian son… From the moment i was born there was no such thing as free will.
    ps: there’s one thing you forget to mention. They always compare you and your friends on a roll to emphasize how pathetic you are. it really really really hurts {I am not point at you. I am just saying in general to give an example}

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