Movie Review: Piranha 3DD

13 Jun

Piranha 3DD

Movie Review Score: 2.5 out of 5

It wasn’t that good. Nothing changed. I think guys would watch it more just to jerk something off. The 2 is for the porn stars and AV models plus the obviously digitally made piranhas biting their flesh and silicons off and for the guy who cut off his penis. The .5 is for those little moments of suspense. The story was just the spring break getaway in Piranha 3D was shut down then one day, two men found a horse in the same area, poked some animal then released piranha eggs. Somewhere near the lake, a big water park was opened. Two girls wanted to fuck somewhere. The first girl was bitten in the vagina and then while having sex the guy was bitten by the piranha inside the girl. The second girl was fucking with his boyfriend inside a van and cuffed the guy then she accidentally hit the brake then their car moved and dived into the lake and the guy was left cuffed inside and the girl died too. After 2 days, the water park was opened then the step-father of the lead actress supplied the water park with water from the lake the piranhas got into the pipes and crazy bloody piranha fun again. The lead actor saved the lead actress. David Hasselhoff made a special appearance as a lifeguard by the way. That’s the end.

Take a sneak peak:

(Credits to  Horror Chronicles and Egotastic )



One Response to “Movie Review: Piranha 3DD”

  1. JeongHwan June 13, 2012 at 11:59 AM #

    I want this boo… hmm! hmm! movei.

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