Adszens: Be Paid to Click!

11 Jul

Planning an online business? Finding an online job? Want to know how about paid to click? Money with clicking advertisements? I know it sounds a lot like Google Adsense but this is another company and it’s real. You can go to the SEC So, I will explain the details on how to join and get real cash via clicking advertisements. This is open to all Filipinos in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao!

Here is how to join:

1. Text me at 09176076608/09239896886 then we’ll talk about the details etc. and I will make you an account at and

2. After making your account, you need to pay 1,500 for membership and account activation + package. You can pay via meet-up or bank accounts. You will be given 7 days to pay in order to activate your account. In exchange of the 1,500, you will get a 10 ads per day in your account (upgraded account). 10 ads per day costs 100 pesos. So in 30 days, you have 3,000 pesos OR if you want direct selling then you can select a product package.

3. Then to know that I’m not scamming you, you can check your account, before it was inactive (red) then after paying it will turn (green) meaning activated.

4. You can now start earning money in 3 ways:

  • Clicking ads (10 ads per day) = 100 pesos a day = 3,000 pesos in a month.
  • Inviting others: $10 = 500 pesos per invite and another $10 if it paired with somebody on your other side. (Networking)
  • Selling your product package (if you chose this package instead of an upgarade)

5. When you’ve reached the minimum payout which is $10 or 500 pesos, you can encash in three ways:

  • Go to the office at Pasay or the branch nearest you and get your cash/cheque.
  • ATM (BDO and RCBC)
  • Western Union

IT’S THAT EASY AND SIMPLE! You don’t have to invite if you don’t want to, you can just sit around all day and click ads!

SKEPTIC? Text me! 09176076608/09239896886


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