Magic Mike

5 Aug

Before anything else, this was my favorite part.

It’s Raining Men! Dance Clip.

Magic Mike

Score: 2 out of 5

The choreography and asses were really good but the story line….. You know… It was like… 1/4 of the movie was shown and the other 3/4 was unproduced or they couldn’t think of anything anymore and bam! It was just Channing is a stripper/furniture designer. He was 30 and he wanted to settle but this new guy comes in and was in trouble so he had to pay his dues then he realized he doesn’t want to be a stripper anymore and falls in love with the new guy’s sister. END. See?

Want some MAGIC MIKE Wallpapers? Here goes.

These photos were from different sources from Google Search  that I forgot to take note of. Sorry. Thanks!

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