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How to create a WordPress blog

13 Jun

The WordPress Manual

Just simply go click this link and it will teach you how to get started. ~_~


How to delete a WordPress Blog

5 Jun
A Step-by-Step tutorial on “How to Delete a WordPress Blog”
1. Go to your homepage then click your blog title on the upper left corner and from the drop down list click on “‘Dashboard”

2. When you’re at the Dashboard click “Tools” and “Delete Site”.

3. At the “Delete Site” page, you are given options other than deleting your blog.

4. Select your purpose for deleting your blog and it will direct you to your needs.

 Change my blog’s URL

Transfer the blog to another user.

Move to another host

Empty the Blog of all contents

Free up the blog name so somebody can use it.

Permanently delete the blog name and all of its content.

4. After permanently deleting your blog, you will receive an e-mail. Click the confirmation address given.

5. You have permanently and successfully deleted your blog!


– END –

How to put Google AdSense to WordPress

4 Jun


Sorry to burst your bubble but WordPress doesn’t allow it.

“AdSense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds, and other third-party advertising is not allowed here at” -Wordpress

I’m not kidding? Wanna bet? Check out 🙂

How to make Golden Onion Rings

1 Jun

Craving for Burger King’s Onion rings? Need finger foods? Pulutan for your inuman? You can easily make it at home by following these steps!

1. Prepare the ingredients.

  • Big white onions

  • Breading
    • Any kind the ones you use for pork chops and chicken or your homemade breading.
    • If you don’t have breading, you can use: flour, salt and pepper.

  • Eggs

  • Bread crumbs

  • Oil

2. Cut the onions into rings.

  • How to cut the onion rings. Thick or thin whichever you prefer.

3. Prepare the breading, egg and bread crumbs. Put them in 3 seperate bowls then dip the onions in the breading, egg then bread crumbs.




Finely battered onion rings!

 4. Fry the battered onion rings in a deep frying pan. Make sure the oil is very hot and you have enough oil. Your oil is surely hot enough if your onion rings look like this when you put them in the frying pan.

5. Fry the onion rings f0r 45 seconds to 1 minute or when it’s golden brown.

6. From the frying pan, strain them to drain the excess oil and then place it in a plate with a tissue paper so that it can absorb the excess oil.

7. Bon Appetit! Serve it with garlic mayo and partner it with beer. Haha!

How to delete your blog at

29 May

You can delete your blog at with 5 easy steps!

1. Click the gray drop down menu box beside the post icon.

2. Click “settings” from the drop down menu.

3. You will be directed to the “settings” menu and below that click “other”.

4. You will be directed to the “other” menu page and there you’ll see “Delete Blog”.

5. After clicking delete blog, you have the option to retrieve the journal entries you’ve written in your blog before officially deleting it. You’ll have 90 days to retrieve your blog.

If you’ve changed your mind and want to retrieve your blog again, click on “DELETED BLOGS”

– END –

How to view an “.hwp” file

23 May

My Korean boyfriend is currently working at Luxur Place Bacolod  as an intern/student. I really can’t understand how their system works and what is he really doing there. All I know is everything is free and all he has to do is pick up people at the airport and orient them at the hotel or something like that. For me to understand his work more, he sent me his work files and those were .hwp type of files.


According to Wikipedia, Hangul (also known as Hangul Word Processor or HWP) is a proprietary word processing application published by the South Korean company Hancom Inc.. It is used extensively in South Korea, especially by the government.

Hangul’s support for the special needs of the Korean written language has gained it widespread use in South Korea. Microsoft Wordand Hangul are used alongside each other in many South Korean companies.

The software’s name is derived from the Korean word Hangul (Korean: 한글, hangeul) for the alphabet used to write Korean.

To view .HWP files, you just need to download this viewer right here,

Then follow these steps! (Click the photos for a larger and clearer view)

1. Go to the website:

2. Click number 2!

3. After opening option number 2, you will find a file named “HOfficeViewer2010SE.exe”. Click that and start downloading the program.

4. Wait for it to download, it is a 125 MB application.

5. After downloading, run the program to start extraction and installation.

5. After extracting the program, installation proper will start.

Click NEXT

Check if you agree to the terms and conditions then click NEXT!

 Check on the options you prefer to download. Hancom Office Hanword enables you to view .hwp files! Don’t forget to check that box!

Wait for the installation to finish.

6. Click finish to end the installation process!

You have the option to set NAVER as your homepage. (NAVER is like the Yahoo! or Google of Koreans) 

7. You can finally open those .hwp files and it will look like this.

– END –

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