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Kids these days..

28 Nov


I would want to have babies like these. They are just so amazing. I’m a frustrated musician, seeing this kind of talent puts me in awe.

My iPhone: GD-fied!

13 Jul

After finding out Big Bang is coming to Manila, I automatically GD-fied my wallpapers. Hihi. :”>



13 Jul


I WILL GO CRAZZZZZYYYYY! Big bang is really going to Manila on October 24!!! @_@ Hahahahaha! I hope somebody would buy me tickets! – ___, – I hope this rings a bell to somebody there. SOMEBODY WANTS TO BUY ME A TICKET? – 3-


My third gift: Cadbury Caramilk and M&M’s!

1 Jul


This is for his sweet tooth. He likes chocolates very very very very very much. Hihi!


28 Jun

Salmon Pink.

24 Jun
Salmon Pink.

Korean Words for the Day!

8 Jun

1. 오늘

  • today

  • o nul

2. 친구

  • friend

  • chingu

3. 만납니다

  • will meet

  • man nap ni da

4. 들

  • dul

  • to make plural words [ex. chingu (friend), chinggu dul (friends)]

Sentence: 오늘 친구들을 만납니다. 

      • o nul chin gu dhl ul man nap ni da.

      • I will meet my friends today.

5. 음식

  • food

  • um sik

6. 음식들

  • foods

  • um sik ul

Sentence: 내일은 맛있는 음식을 먹으러 갑니다.

  • ne il un mat it nun um sik ul muk u rh gap ni da

  • I will go out tomorrow to eat delicious food.

– END –

kansahamnida namja chingu. 🙂

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