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My third gift: Cadbury Caramilk and M&M’s!

1 Jul


This is for his sweet tooth. He likes chocolates very very very very very much. Hihi!


My second gift: Spiderman Donuts!

1 Jul


This is my second gift for our 14th monthsary. My boyfriend is a spiderman fan. I’m happy he liked it. Hihi.

Korean Words for the Day!

8 Jun

1. 오늘

  • today

  • o nul

2. 친구

  • friend

  • chingu

3. 만납니다

  • will meet

  • man nap ni da

4. 들

  • dul

  • to make plural words [ex. chingu (friend), chinggu dul (friends)]

Sentence: 오늘 친구들을 만납니다. 

      • o nul chin gu dhl ul man nap ni da.

      • I will meet my friends today.

5. 음식

  • food

  • um sik

6. 음식들

  • foods

  • um sik ul

Sentence: 내일은 맛있는 음식을 먹으러 갑니다.

  • ne il un mat it nun um sik ul muk u rh gap ni da

  • I will go out tomorrow to eat delicious food.

– END –

kansahamnida namja chingu. 🙂

Seoul Garden Restaurant, Soon to open in Robinson’s Galleria!

4 Jun

I really really love Seoul Garden! It’s the best most affordable Korean buffet ever and I heard they are opening another one in Robinsons Galleria! The first branch is located in SM North Edsa and you’ll get really confused where it is. Anyway, I’m sad and happy at the same time. I’m happy because it will be near my place but sad because (sorry for my selfishness) I don’t want other people to know the place like its my secret haven for Korean food! HAHA! Anyway, it really is the best for only 350 pesos (if you’re a student). You just need to bring your school ID and come there at 11 pm until 2pm for a very good and affordable lunch buffet! The buffet is composed of dessert, bibimbap, drinks, raw meat, seafood, shells, kimchi, ice cream, halo-halo, kimbab, all under the korean sun. You should try it and go there sometime! They have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam too! ~_~

For those who are new to Seoul Garden, Seoul Garden is an authentic Korean- styled BBQ buffet restaurant that offers a unique self serving dining experience. What makes Seoul Garden stand out from all the other buffet restaurants in the Philippines is that it is a 2 in 1 dining concept, a do-it-yourself BBQ buffet cum Hotpot dining experience. Customers have the free reign to cook and barbecue to their hearts content from the various meat marinades that Seoul Garden have always been famous for.

Seoul Garden Philippines also offers unique rice based dishes that are a staple to the Filipino people. There are several Bibimbaps  dishes which are available upon request and are served hot and sizzling at your tables! As for the customary Filipino dessert, Seoul Garden offers a DIY corner made especially for Halo Halo fanatics. Not to mention the many variations of ice creams and pastries to choose from. There is definitely one that will satisfy your sweet tooth at Seoul Garden! -Seoul Garden

Check out their prices below:

How to make Golden Onion Rings

1 Jun

Craving for Burger King’s Onion rings? Need finger foods? Pulutan for your inuman? You can easily make it at home by following these steps!

1. Prepare the ingredients.

  • Big white onions

  • Breading
    • Any kind the ones you use for pork chops and chicken or your homemade breading.
    • If you don’t have breading, you can use: flour, salt and pepper.

  • Eggs

  • Bread crumbs

  • Oil

2. Cut the onions into rings.

  • How to cut the onion rings. Thick or thin whichever you prefer.

3. Prepare the breading, egg and bread crumbs. Put them in 3 seperate bowls then dip the onions in the breading, egg then bread crumbs.




Finely battered onion rings!

 4. Fry the battered onion rings in a deep frying pan. Make sure the oil is very hot and you have enough oil. Your oil is surely hot enough if your onion rings look like this when you put them in the frying pan.

5. Fry the onion rings f0r 45 seconds to 1 minute or when it’s golden brown.

6. From the frying pan, strain them to drain the excess oil and then place it in a plate with a tissue paper so that it can absorb the excess oil.

7. Bon Appetit! Serve it with garlic mayo and partner it with beer. Haha!

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