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I’m Lost

1 Nov


I’m all alone again. He went back to Korea yesterday. I feel really bad because I’m still waiting for his reply now. I don’t know if he is sleeping right now or drinking with his friends. I don’t know so I can’t sleep. I can’t do anything. I tried watching horror flicks but nothing scared the sadness out of me.. He fulfilled my semestral break. Now, he’s gone.. I’m all alone again.


Lonely Day by Life Journey

11 Jun

I just heard this song on Channel V about two or three years ago, I think so and I fell in love with it. It’s the perfect song especially on rainy days while you’re sitting at your favorite coffee shop and reading a good book. It’s great that somebody posted at least one video of this song in YouTube. I can’t find the real MV anywhere. Listen to this song and I’m sure you’ll like it. This is not some Chinese song, don’t worry! It’s French/English. It will really soothe your lonely days.

A little background on the band:

Credits to “Rock in China”

Life Journey (旅行团) is a pop rock band from Liuzhou, Guangxi.

Thank you!

8 Jun

I’m new to wordpress and I’m so happy for all the love and support I’ve been getting here.^^ I know this is not as best as your homepage statistics but I’m glad that I was able to reach this height of viewers. I hope I can break yesterday’s record of 80 views! OMO. I’m a dreamer. I know. I’m sorry. Hihi. Thank you for everything everyone in wordpress for appreciating my pieces of art. ~_~

What are you, in love with your problems?

8 Jun

Asian Parents.

31 May

They are not just your parents. These rants are based on my opinion, general or specific, no comment..

1. If  you get a high grade, you get a price.

2. If you get a low grade, they will take your priced possessions.

3. You can’t take the course you want.

4. The only courses you can take in college are those in the medical, law or something with a high salary field.

5. They will pick your school.

6. You are just their children.

7. You can’t go out all the time or they will question you and call your school if what you are doing is legit.

8. They control you because they pay for your food, shelter, clothing, education and many more bills.

9. After reaching the legal age, you’re still not allowed to do anything.

10. You can’t date people below their standards physically.

11 You can’t date another race because in history they raped girls, killed people, bombed something, blah. blah. blah.

12. You can’t have a boyfriend until you graduate college.

13. After college, you still can’t have a boyfriend until you have a good job.

14. They will manipulate you until you’re 40+ years old.

15. You can’t answer back even if they said so.

16. If you answer back even if they said so, you can’t still answer back.

17. You can marry any guy as long as he has money, cars, a big company and a mansion.

18. When you do something wrong, they will tell you “WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE….”.

19. Anything besides studying is a waste of time.

20. You need to follow the same things that your successful relative did.


Welcome to WordPress!

23 May

Welcome to WordPress, Chesca! It’s the start of another blogging experience for me. It’s not enough to write memories and feeling in my iPhone anymore. To tell you the truth, I just started blogging again because I want to be just CHESCA. It’s really tight in this house and then me and my boyfriend or maybe ex-boyfriend just cooled off so here I am blogging my heart out. I don’t want to feel alone so I hope this turns out to be the best moving on thing for me now.

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