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Ladda Land

8 Aug

Ladda Land

Score: 2 out of 5

Ladda Land is a Thai Horror movie based on a true story. This is just very tragic. It really isn’t a horror movie, I think so because it was just really sad. The father just wanted to please everyone. He just really picked the wrong village. He used all his money to make his mother-in-law proud of him instead of criticizing him. He just wanted to grow closer with his family by providing this wonderful home. All was just wasted because of his crazy neighbors killing themselves and haunting houses. It was like the grudge, it’s just that, the people went crazy and ended up killing themselves.. This was just sad. The horror parts of the film didn’t have a connection with the family either.. Its just that their children were somewhat lured there all the time. This movie just made me sad.. I know its based from a true story but the imagination of the writer of this film is very limited. The connections are just lost.

If you want to watch the film, here’s the torrent (the subtitle of this film sucks but it’s understandable somehow):


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