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Kids these days..

28 Nov


I would want to have babies like these. They are just so amazing. I’m a frustrated musician, seeing this kind of talent puts me in awe.


Lonely Day by Life Journey

11 Jun

I just heard this song on Channel V about two or three years ago, I think so and I fell in love with it. It’s the perfect song especially on rainy days while you’re sitting at your favorite coffee shop and reading a good book. It’s great that somebody posted at least one video of this song in YouTube. I can’t find the real MV anywhere. Listen to this song and I’m sure you’ll like it. This is not some Chinese song, don’t worry! It’s French/English. It will really soothe your lonely days.

A little background on the band:

Credits to “Rock in China”

Life Journey (旅行团) is a pop rock band from Liuzhou, Guangxi.

Learn how to dance in the club with JEMDAHUNK.

30 May

If you’re bored and currently on YouTube searching for videos, you better check out @jemdahunk ‘s youtube account for a dose of laughter! He can sing, dance and teach you at the same time! I just recently watched his videos: “How to Dance in the Club 1, 2 and 3”, “Call Me Maybe” and “How to be a Professional Karaoke Singer”. Somehow the people he portrayed in his 1 million views video “How to Dance in the Club” can truly be seen in the clubs, find out if you’re doing the same moves! Watch this!^^

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